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What to pack for your next cruise to Singapore?

What to pack for your next cruise to Singapore?


The holidays are knocking on the door and it is that time of the year when you can sail away to a world of thrills, adventure and romance on the high seas.

Singapore has always been a top choice amongst several cruise lines from around the world. Singapore presents a myriad of cruise options for a dream voyage. It is the gateway to Southeast Asia with its state-of-the-art infrastructure and facilities at the Marina Bay Cruise Centre and Singapore Cruise Centre. Starting from a short cruise of two days and going up to five nights, Singapore cruise packages are jam packed with lifestyle options and dazzling entertainment.

So, what is so special about going ona cruise?

Unanimously, the fact that you only have to unpack once is what makes cruising from any destination, special. And Singapore cruises are no different. The reason being, your lodging doubles as your mode of travelling too. Having said that, there is nothing more upsetting than starting your journey, opening your suitcase and realize that you have forgotten to pack something important.

Therefore, don’t worry as we have a handy checklist that will help you cross check all that you need to pack when you book cruise packages from Singapore.


Since you may have multiple countries on your cruise itinerary, it is important to have your passport which is acceptable form of identification, globally.

Carry-on Luggage

As soon as your board the ship, you want the fun to start right away. It does take some time for the luggage to be delivered to your room. Therefore, keep essentials such as your swim wear, sun block, books, etc., in a light weight carry on luggage. This will also double up as a handy tote when ever you go ashore on excursions.

Formal Attire

Day fashion on cruise ships are usually informal. However, the evenings call for a more formal attire, preferably smart casuals for the ladies and collared shirts and trousers for men. Cocktail dresses and suits should be packed for formal nights on board.

Quick drying shorts and tops

When going on shore excursions, it is best to comfortably dressed in light weight shorts and tops. On some excursions, there may be possibilities of getting wet due to the tropical climate and regular rainfall in the Southeast Asia region. With quick drying shorts and tops, you may be able to change whilst the wet pair of clothing dries off fast.

Aloe Vera

If you have gone overboard with your sun-tanning sessions, you will be glad that you have not forgotten Aloe Vera that is the skin saving balm. It is best to have a spray-on that can be easily applied.

Right Mix of Shoes

Whilst flip flops are important, do not forget to toss in a pair of sneakers shoes as you will need them when you go ashore for excursions. Make sure that the sneakers are close toed and anti-slip. Additionally, have a pair of formal and dressy shoes for those formal nights.


On your journey, binoculars are an integral part of your travel checklist. You definitely do not want to miss those amazing views from the deck and your stateroom window or balcony. 

Wrinkle Release Spray

Many cruise lines do not allow irons in the stateroom due to fire safety reasons. Ensure that you carry a wrinkle release spray that will make you clothes look just right and crease-free.

If you have still forgotten something, then you can always go to the shops located on board. However, they do not open until the ship leaves the port. So, speak to you travel agent to book cruise deals and get ready to set sail.

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