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Star Cruise Superstar Libra Cruise Packages – The Relaxation You Deserve

Star Cruise Superstar Libra Cruise Packages – The Relaxation You Deserve


With the daily stress increasing for everyone, a vacation has started to become even more important. It helps reduce the stress and make you feel relaxed. If this is something you can relate to, then the cruise packages offered by Star Cruise Superstar Libra are the solution for you.

About Star Cruises

Star Cruises are a subset of Genting Hong Kong. Genting Hong Kong is the leading luxury cruises company in Asia. Star Cruises was founded in 1993, and has won multiple awards. One example includes the “Best Cruise Operator in Asia-Pacific”, which was won 10 years in a row. Also, for six years in a row, Star Cruises was voted as “Asia’s Leading Cruise Line” at the World Travel Awards.
At My Dream Holiday, Star Cruise packages start from Rs 14,000 per person.

About Star Cruise Libra

Superstar Libra is one of the six vessels owned Star Cruises. The Start Cruise Libra schedule covers beautiful cities such as Phuket, Penang, and Port Klang. These cruise packages start from 3 nights and are as low as Rs 21,000 per person.
With a variety of restaurants, entertainment, and fitness options on board, you will always have something to do. When it comes to dining, you can visit take a walk under the moon to the 24 – hour refreshments and snacks outlet – Blue Lagoon. Or, you can dine at one of the four on board restaurants that satisfy your cravings. End your meal with ice cream at Lickety Splits – an on board ice cream bar.

On board, there are three entertainment facilities available – the Skyline KTV, Boomer’s, and Stardust Lounge. The Skyline KTV is an open style karaoke lounge, Boomer’s is a discotheque, and the Stardust Lounge is a show lounge.

There are five different facilities available for guests when it comes to outdoor and fitness.

  • Fitness Centre – The fitness centre has a gym, sauna, and massage facility for guests.
  • Golf Driving Range – Take advantage of the outdoor golf driving range.
  • Outdoor Swimming Pool
  • Twin Hot Tubs
  • Sports Deck – The sports deck offers facilities such as a basketball court and jogging track. Take your pick!

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