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Royal Caribbean’s response to safe cruising


As the global health crisis began, there are a lot of concerns from the travel fanatics about the safety of cruising. Keeping the health, safety and comfort of all the guests and crew at the highest priority Royal Caribbean International has laid down safety measures for safer voyages.

1- Enhanced Boarding Screening
At the pier, all guests are required to go through mandatory thermal screening to check everyone’s temperature. Some guests may be asked for a secondary review. Depending on the thermal scan results, some guests may be denied boarding to ensure health all the healthy guests.

2- Extensive Sanitation at Cruise Terminals
THe cruise terminals are thoroughly sanitized before and after all sailings. Deep Sanitization process is carried out using industry standard cleaners proven to remove bacteria and viruses.

3- Additional Sanitization onboard the ship
As per the guidance of World Health Organisation, all ships in the fleet on Royal Caribbean International have increased frequent sanitization. Key areas of sanitization are public venues and restrooms to be sanitized every 30 minutes.

4- Hand Sanitizers everywhere
The best way to stay healthy is using hand sanitizers. The cruise line has increased the availability of hand sanitizer kiosks and continue to enforce hand cleansing at all times.

5- Stateroom Sanitization
All the staterooms are thoroughly cleaned twice every day. If the guests show symptoms of flu, the cleaning staff will make sure they clean the stateroom more than twice.

6- Health Announcements
During the course of each sailing, the captain will make two announcements everyday to remind guests to wash their hands, report any high fever or flu like symptoms immediately.

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