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How to Get the Best Deal for a Cruise Booking from India

How to Get the Best Deal for a Cruise Booking from India


Did you know that a record number of holidaymakers chose to go on a cruise last year? So, isn’t it time that you totake the plunge and walk up the gangway too!

Come to think of it, with cruise bookings, all your accommodation, food and entertainment is included in the package, making it one of the best valued getaways today. However, a lot depends on finding the best cruise packages that will suit your budget.

In order to ensure that you get the best deal for a cruise booking from India, especially if you intend to head off to an exotic destination, the prudent thing to do is to hold out for the right time to bag a bargain. Most cruise liners have a low season and that is the time when you can really find cruises with great discounts and offers.

And just to extend that extra helping hand to stretch your budget a little further, check out these hacks for cruise bookings that will get you the perfect bargain.

Work with experienced cruise booking agents in India:

Wait for the Price Drop:

Most holidaymakers are of the impressionthat cruise booking agents will only add to the cost. On the contrary, having adedicated helping hand, such as,, or any authorized cruisebooking agents in India for the top cruise liners, they will always haveaccess to exclusive deals, offers and discounts that are probably not availableelsewhere – offline or online.

When working with experienced cruise booking agents, they know the exact time when the price for cruises are expected to drop. Typically, the first drop happens approximately six monthsprior to the cruise departure date, when a certain percentage of bookedpassengers cancel on their trips. The second drop is expected at the ninety daydeadline when the full payment is due. Post this, the majority of cruise linerswill offer lower fares and last minute deals.

Early Birds have an Advantage:

If you have the finances in place, then booking in advance also has its advantages. Cruise liners have already started booking for cruises in 2020. So, the early birds when making their bookings are rewarded with competitive prices.

Be Flexible with your Booking Dates:

The peak times when the fares sky rocket is during Christmas and New Years’. In fact, it is often double of what one would pay during reasonably peak times such as the summer holidays. To get the best deals on a budget, be flexible with your cruise departure dates, as the fares can vary dramatically depending on when you intend to sail. Usually when there aren’t any school holidays, possibly between New Year and March is one of the lowest seasons when you find the cruise prices are much more affordable.

Group bookings fetch some of the Best Prices:

Your cruise booking agent will be able to get you some of the best deals if you book in a group. The cruise liner may throw in some additional benefits such as – kids go free, drink packages, etc. So,get your friends and family together and set sail.

To get the best deals on a cruise from India, you really do not have to drive yourself crazy. Looking at multiple websites, checking several departure dates and itineraries, cruise lines, room types and combining it with your budget is not how your holiday planning should start. That’s why having a cruise booking agent like, is one of the best online platforms where you will find all the information that you need. With as little headache as possible, go on that dream cruise holiday that you deserve.

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