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Family Cruise: A perfect gift for your New Year

Family Cruise: A perfect gift for your New Year


Family cruises are probably one of the New Year gift that no one is likely to forget very soon. Be it the fifth time or the first time, going on New Year Cruises is definitely going to be the gift of the year.  

Over the past few years, family holiday cruises have gained in popularity. Visiting multiple destinations in one vacation, having your food and entertainment taken care, amazing pool and family activities on board of with only having to unpack once is possibly the central attraction point.

Book early for your surprise family cruise with an experienced cruise booking agent in India such as To ensure that you and your family has the best family cruise pack in some holiday fun and get ready to have a fantastic voyage across the sea.

So, let’s take a look at the best holiday cruises that you may consider for your New Year’s vacation.

New Zealand & Australia:

Take a two week cruise by starting your vacation in Auckland, sailing the coast of New Zealand and then cross the Tasman Sea, journeying into Sydney and Melbourne. As part of the cruise, indulge in a helicopter tour of New Zealand’s only active volcano. Take a look the fur seals of Wellington and then sip champagne as you take a ride in Melbourne’s Colonial Tramcar restaurant. With your cruise liner parked beneath the Sydney Harbour Bridge, with some of the world’s biggest fireworks displays, you and your family will be amongst the first in the world to celebrate the arrival of 2019.

Andalusia, Spain:

If a European cruise has taken your fancy, consider spending your New Year  break exploring Spain’s Andalusia region. Most cruise liners offer guided excursions to Seville, Cadiz, Jerez, and Cordoba. Spend your New Year  with your family in Jerez which is a city best known for their flamenco, sherry and horses.

Central Europe:

Some of the best new years eve cruises includes taking a fifteen day river cruise from Budapest to Amsterdam. Explore some of the markets in Budapest, Vienna, and Regensburg which have been around for centuries. The largest market of them all happens in Nuremberg, which has over a hundred booths. Take a stroll down the cobblestone streets of Passau to St. Stephen’s Cathedral which houses the largest cathedral organ in the world. If you have an interest in wine, then ensure that you have Germany’s oldest wine cellar in Kitzingen for a round of wine tasting on your bucket list.

Singapore to Sydney:

Those looking to begin their all inclusive family cruises closer to home may go on a twenty one night sailing voyage starting from Singapore, all the way to Sydney. You will have landings at Bali, Komodo, Cairns, and Brisbane and many other exotic destinations on the journey. Excursions include visiting the royal temples at Bali, checking out the Komodo dragons at the Komodo National Park, visiting the pristine waters of the Great Barrier Reef and go on a road trip in Brisbane.

Polar Cruises:

To add that tingle of excitement to your New Year, escape to either the north or south polar regions. An Arctic or Antarctic cruise vacation is a once in a lifetime opportunity that gives you a glimpse of never see before wildlife, stunning landscape, even the northern lights if you are fortunate.

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