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Best Cruise Tips for your First Cruise Vacation

Best Cruise Tips for your First Cruise Vacation


Hello there!! Just wondering if you are new to cruise travel? Are you planning to go on your first ever cruise vacation? Here are a few tips we would like you to know on how to make the most of your precious vacation time and money. 

1- Book a Balcony Stateroom – There’s nothing that matches the comfort and luxury of a stateroom with a balcony. Guests love the sunsets from the comfort of their room and the private balcony or waking up in the morning with a beautiful view of the ocean. Honestly there’s no harm in paying a little extra just for the extra space, fresh sea breeze and mesmerising view.

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2- Use Your cruise card on the Ship –  When you check-in and board the cruise, the staff provides you with a cruise card which is basically your room key card and payment card for all the services you will take, things you buy and eat which are otherwise not included in your cruise fare. If you use this card for purchases on the ship, you can settle the dues on a daily basis or on the last day of your cruise vacation. We recommend that all dues be cleared one night before the cruise ends so that you don’t have to wait in long queues on the day of disembarkation. 

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3- Don’t Forget to Pack your Swimsuit – It is important to understand and keep in mind simple pool etiquette. Do not go to the swimming pool without the swimsuit. Cruise Line will not allow you to get in the pool if you are not in your swimsuit. Another important thing to note is that swimsuit dining is allowed on the poolside outlets but make sure you are completely dried off when entering the indoors from the pool area. 

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4- Do Read your Cruise Newsletter – The newsletter gives you insight and an hourly rundown of all the activities which are scheduled for the next day. It also gives you info on what shore excursions to expect on the upcoming port of call. The newsletter has all the info of activities, entertainment, shows and special events on the ship. 

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5- Take the Stairs – The wait for the elevators can be long. Taking the stairs would be an easy option and it also keeps you healthy. 

6- Cruise Dress Code – Dress codes on the cruise ships can sometimes be confusing. It is always encouraged to check if the cruise line and itinerary has formal dinners. Guests can dress casually to visit other parts of the ship but when it comes to the main dining room dressing in a formal attire rather than shorts. 

7- There’s a hair dryer in your cabin – Packing everything for your cruise vacation can get a little hectic. However, you don’t need to pack a hairdryer as the cruise cabin is equipped with one. Travel light. 

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8- Late Night Courtesy – Party runs till wee hours on most cruise ships but few passengers have to get up early for their shore excursions. When you return to your cruise cabin from an ongoing party on the deck or any other venue, try to be as quiet as possible as Cabin walls are quite thick and noise travels between staterooms and hallways. 

9- Ship’s Cruise App – Do download the cruise ship’s app prior to embarking on the ship for convenience and up to date information on daily events and activities. Apps differ from cruise line but usually the app provides list of features that make it easier for you to plan and manage your cruise vacation, including access to daily plans and deck maps, reservations for dining and shore excursions, and more.

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10- Carry your own water bottle – Some cruise lines do not provide you complimentary drinking water and encourage to use tap water for drinking purpose. Guests can carry their own steel water bottles and get them refilled at the dining venues at no extra cost. 

We hope these cruise tips will be of much use to you before you go on your next cruise vacation. We are happy to announce that you can now finally book cruise cabins online on our website on real-time basis. MyDreamHoliday enables customers to Search, compare and book cruise vacations of Dream Cruises, Royal Caribbean, Celebrity Cruises, Azamara Club Cruises, Norwegian Cruise Line, MSC Cruises. Now customers can pay and book cruise vacations online with instant confirmations. Trust MyDreamHoliday with best price guarantee and best cruise deals in India.

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