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5 Things to do in Alaska

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Superlative is the word that best describes Alaska. It has the largest national park, one of the highest peaks, the longest shoreline, the biggest state in the United States and the longest duration of night and day. To cover a fraction of this picturesque destination will probably take a lifetime. However, if you are planning to experience this unparallel state, then the best time to visit Alaska is between May 10th and September 15th of every year.

With its long summer days filled with energy, many Alaska tour packages offer adventure, history, hiking, fishing, culture and art, wildlife and scenery in the bounty. So much so, that you never have the same experience twice.

Alaska cruises have gained popularity over the last few years. Embarking on the Alaska cruise from Seattle, allows the tourist to explore parts of the United States before starting their Alaskan adventure. Reputable cruise operators in the region offer several Alaska cruise deals which have been attracting more and more tourists from around the globe.

Whether it’s traveling to and from Alaska or just a day cruise, remember to check Alaskan cruise prices before you commence on your journey. As you start exploring, ensure that you have these must-do five things on your bucket list:

Glacier & Wildlife Cruises

With its 34,000 miles of coastline, cruising gives you the opportunity to explore the virgin beauty of this untouched destination offering you glimpses of the spectacular fjords and its tilting sandy beaches or shale. You may get lucky and see a bear forage for food or get a peek into the tidewater glaciers dribble large masses of ice into the sea. Cruising along the Alaskan coast opens up a captivating doorway into its wildlife. Don’t forget to say hello to Alaska’s famous humpback whales, orcas, massive Steller sea lions and sea otters.

where can i buy prednisolone tablets Northern Lights Viewing

What many don’t know is that Alaska to gives one of the best views of the northern lights, more popularly known as Aurora Borealis. If you have planned a trip to Alaska in the winter months, then this is a must do for everyone. The ethereal lights of green, purple, blue and possibly red dance overhead from late August to April.

Camp at Backside Glacier Lake in Denali National Park

When drawing up your list of things to do in Alaska, making a trip to the Denali National Park should be there right on top. The national park gives tourists the opportunity to experience Alaskan wildlife up close and personal. The park allows visitors to set up remote camps on the shores of an ice-berg laden lake. This is located approximately 25 miles before the Ruth Glacier. Getting to the campsite is also an adventure as one needs to fly on a floatplane which is the only mode of travel that makes the campsite accessible.

Dalton Highway

Leading to the far north region, the Dalton highway stretches over 400 miles and is accessible from Fairbanks and Anchorage. The endpoint of the journey is Prudhoe Bay. The road is exceptionally isolated and is mostly traveled by oil-field workers. The incentive for tourists to tread this lonely highly is to cross the Arctic Circle which is located at the northern end of the route.

Alaskan Railroad

An important piece of Alaska’s history, the Alaska Railroad is known as the ‘Backbone of the Last Frontier’. Extending from Seward to Fairbanks, it is still a critical mode of transportation even today. Journeying on the Alaskan Railroad is like taking a trip down memory lane. As the train chugs along, one passes through Chugach National Forest, Anchorage, and Denali National Park and Preserve along the way.

There are still a number of attractions such as museums, town centers, and maybe just jumping off points into the Alaskan wilderness. Yet wherever your travels take you, Alaska is sure to impress. Make the best of the cruise deals being offered on and book a cruise package today.

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